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What People are Saying

"Foam jacked sagging concrete patio and steps really well.  They went above and beyond the call of duty that day.  There was little extra cost for some additional foam but was very reasonable and well worth it.  Patio drains properly and no trip hazards anymore."

- Scott Herbst
Edina, MN

Industry leader for concrete lifting and concrete leveling projects in Minneapolis & St. Paul
Our trained professionals treat your sunken concrete with high density, polyurethane foam injections and fill voids using our state-of-the-art geofoam fill. Lifting concrete with polyurethane foam, also known as polyjacking or foamjacking, is up to 50% cheaper than re-pouring concrete.
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A pattern of dime-size holes are drilled through the sunken concrete.


Filling & Raising

Polyurethane foam is injected under the slab through small ports filling all voids and raising it to the desired height.



The holes are patched and the stabilized area is ready for use immediately.